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Ini merupakan postingan pertama artikel tentang Bahasa Inggris saya, dalam postingan kali ini saya akan membahas mengenai delapan bagian dari tata bahasa atau Part of Speech. Part of Speech merupakan modal awal bagi anda jika anda ingin belajar mengenai grammar. Namun kali ini saya akan menjelaskan secara garis besarnya saja, lebih detailnya akan dijelaskan pada postingan berikutnya lagi.

Part of Speech

(Delapan Bagian dari Tata Bahasa)

1. Noun (Kata Benda)

    a) Proper : Ali, Bandung

    b) Common : book, pen

    c) Material : fish, gold, water

    d) Collective : army, team

    e) Abstract : beauty, walk

2. Pronoun (Kata Ganti)

    a) Reflexive : my self, your self, her self, him self, its self, our selves, them selves.

    b) Indefinite : it, one, those who

    c) Reciprocal : each other, one another

    d) Interrogative : who, whom, what, which, whose

    e) Personal : I, you, we, they, she, he, it

    f) Possessive : mine, yours ours, theirs, hers, his

    g) Demonstrative : this, that, these, those, such, the other, yonder, some, one, ones, former, latter

    h) Relative : who, whom, whose, that, what

3. Adjective (Kata Sifat)

    a) Quality : clever, fat, beautiful, strong

    b) Quantity : some, much, enough, whole, little, no, any, all, half, sufficient

    c) Numeral :

        Definite numeral :

        Cardinal number : one, two, three, etc…

        Ordinal number : first, second, etc…

        Multiplicative : a pair, double, ten fold, dozen, gross, etc…

        Indefinite numeral :

some, any, many, no, a few, few, several, various

    d) Possessive : my, your, her, his, its, our, your, their

    e) Distributive : each, every, either, neither

    f) Demonstrative : the, this, these, that, those, such, a another

    g) Interrogative : which, what, whose

    h) Proper Adjective : Indonesia, American, Turkis, English, Dutch

4. Verb (Kata Kerja)

    Auxiliary verb : to be, to do, to have, modals

    Transitive verb : want, eat

    Intransitive verb : sleep, go

    Regular verb : watch, open

    Irregular verb : sing, run

5. Adverb (Kata Keterangan)

    a) Manner : bravely

    b) Quality : hard, fast

    c) Quantity : a little, nearly, rather

    d) Time : now

    e) Place : here

    f) Frequency : always

    g) Sentence : certainly

    h) Degree : too, very

    i) Interrogative : when, where, why, how

6. Preposition (Kata Depan) : to, at, in, on, of, up, by, for, off, from, with, past, into, under, behind, near, till, until, after, before, between, among, beside, besides, through, without, towards, over, above, below, along

7. Conjunction (Kata Sambung) : and, both, also, as well as, no less…than, not only….but only…but also, either…or, neither….nor, else, otherwise, but, still, yet, nevertheless, however, whereas, while, only, therefore, so, so then, for, then

8. Interjection (Kata Seru) : hurra !, ah !, hello !

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