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Using of Be

Using Of Be

Be is a verb that to be formed from auxiliary verb because aux. to be is unsuitable anymore.

The Using of Be

* Be as finite verb

eg. If I be a richman, I want to treat you all

* Be as infinitive verb

eg. I want to be yours

* Be in continuous tense

eg. She is being diligent

* Be as future tense

eg. You will be mine

* Be as gerund

eg. Being a doctor is very dificult

* Be as representative

eg. You must be carefull

* Be in perfect tense

eg. I have been school

* Be in imperative

eg. Be careful !

Catatan :

1. Be + noun = menjadi

I want to be a doctor


(Saya ingin menjadi dokter)

2. Be + adverb = berada

I will be there


(Saya akan berada di sana)

3. Be + adjective = no meaning

I must be clever


(Saya harus pintar

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