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Gerund is a noun that to be formed from V + ing it doesn’t have meaning continuous

1. As Subject
eg. Listening the music is nice
2. As Object
eg. My dady likes hunting
3. As Complement
eg. My hobby is running

4. After Possesive Adjective
eg. You are my loving
5. After Preposition
eg. She helps mother before praying
6. In Noun Compounds
eg. Waiting room
7. After certain verbs
eg. Why do you always avoid meeting?
8. In Prohibition
eg. No smoking

Verb followed by the gerund
avoid appreciate defer delay detest dislike
dread enjoy escape excuse finish miss
forgive involve loathe pardon postpone risk
prevent resent resist practice

Suggest and propose

Mean : intend = infinitive
involve = gerund
Propose : intend = infinitive
suggest = gerund

• Hate like love prefer care in the conditional are usually followed by the infinitive
• Would care for would like + gerund when we are not thinking of a particular action
• Car for like love hate prefer in the present/past tense

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